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Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan (Боб Дилан)

(Исполнитель, Композитор, Автор слов)
(Род. 24 мая 1941)
83 лет

Песни (431)  

Исполнители на букву:
Название песниПеревод названияАльбом
'Til I Fell In Love With YouДо тех пор, пока не влюбился в тебяTime Out Of Mind (1997)
10.000 Men10000 человекUnder The Red Sky (1990)
4th Time AroundBlonde On Blonde (1966)
A Fool Such As IТакой дурак, как яDylan (1973)
A Hard Rain's a-Gonna FallТяжёлый дождь собирается пролитьсяThe Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (1963), The Concert for Bangladesh (1971)
A Satisfied MindУдовлетворённый умSaved (1980)
Absolutely Sweet MarieСладкая ЭмBlonde On Blonde (1966)
Ain't Talkin'Скорбь+ худ. переводModern Times (2006)
Alberta #1Альберта #1Selfportrait (1970)
Alberta #2Альберта #2Selfportrait (1970)
All Along The WatchtowerНа дозорной башнеJohn Wesley Harding (1967)
All I Really Want To DoВсё что мне по-настоящему хочется делатьAnother Side Of Bob Dylan (1964)
All Or Nothing At AllFallen Angels (2016)
All The Tired HorsesВсе кони загнаныSelfportrait (1970)
All The WayНавсегдаFallen Angels (2016)
Apple Suckling TreeThe Basement Tapes (1975)
Are You ReadyТы готов?Saved (1980)
Arthur McBrideGood As I Been To You (1992)
As I Went Out One MorningОднажды УтромJohn Wesley Harding (1967)
As Time Goes ByTriplicate (2017)
Autumn LeavesОсенние листьяShadows In The Night (2015)
Baby, Let Me Follow You DownBob Dylan (1962)
Baby, Stop CryingМалыш, перестань плакатьStreet Legal (1978)
Ballad In Plain DAnother Side Of Bob Dylan (1964)
Ballad Of A Thin ManHighway 61 Revisited (1965)
Ballad Of Hollis BrownThe Times They Are A-Changin' (1964)
Belle IsleSelfportrait (1970)
Beyond Here Lies Nothin'За последним вздохомTogether Through Life (2009)
Beyond The HorizonModern Times (2006)
Big Yellow TaxiDylan (1973)
Black Crow BluesAnother Side Of Bob Dylan (1964)
Black Diamond BayDesire (1976)
Blackjack DaveyGood As I Been To You (1992)
Blood In My EyesWorld Gone Wrong (1993)
Blowin' in the WindЛетает в воздухеThe Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (1963), The Concert for Bangladesh (1971)
Blue MoonSelfportrait (1970)
Bob Dylan's 115th DreamBringing All Back Home (1965)
Bob Dylan's BluesThe Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (1963)
Bob Dylan's DreamThe Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (1963)
Boots Of Spanish LeatherThe Times They Are A-Changin' (1964)
Born In TimeUnder The Red Sky (1990)
Braggin'Triplicate (2017)
Broke Down EngineWorld Gone Wrong (1993)
Brownsville GirlKnocked Out Loaded (1986)
Buckets Of RainBlood On The Tracks (1975)
But BeautifulTriplicate (2017)
Bye And ByeLove And Theft (2001)
Can't Help Falling In LoveDylan (1973)
Can't WaitTime Out Of Mind (1997)
Canadee-I-OGood As I Been To You (1992)
Cat's In The WellКнязь преуспелUnder The Red Sky (1990)
Changing Of The GuardsСмена караулаStreet Legal (1978)
Chimes Of FreedomAnother Side Of Bob Dylan (1964)
Christmas IslandChristmas In The Heart (2009)
Clean-Cut KidEmpire Burlesque (1985)
Clothes Line SagaThe Basement Tapes (1975)
Cold Irons BoundTime Out Of Mind (1997)
Come Rain Or Come ShineFallen Angels (2016)
Copper KettleSelfportrait (1970)
Corrina, CorrinaThe Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (1963)
Country PieNashville Skyline (1969)
Covenant WomanSaved (1980)
Crash On The Levee (Down In The Flood)The Basement Tapes (1975)
Cry AwhileLove And Theft (2001)
Dark EyesEmpire Burlesque (1985)
Day In, Day OutTriplicate (2017)
Day Of The LocustsNew Morning (1970)
Days Of 49Selfportrait (1970)
Dead Man, Dead ManShot Of Love (1981)
Dear LandlordJohn Wesley Harding (1967)
Death Is Not The EndDown In The Groove (1988)
DeliaWorld Gone Wrong (1993)
Desolation RowHighway 61 Revisited (1965)
Diamond JoeGood As I Been To You (1992)
DirgePlanet Waves (1974)
Dirt Road BluesTime Out Of Mind (1997)
Disease Of ConceitOh Mercy (1989)
Do Right To Me Baby (Do Unto Others)Slow Train Coming (1979)
Do You Hear What I Hear?Christmas In The Heart (2009)
Don't Fall Apart On Me TonightInfidels (1983)
Don't Think Twice It's All RightThe Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (1963)
Don't Ya Tell HenryThe Basement Tapes (1975)
Down Along The CoveJohn Wesley Harding (1967)
Down The HighwayThe Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (1963)
Drifter's EscapeJohn Wesley Harding (1967)
Driftin' Too Far From ShoreKnocked Out Loaded (1986)
Duquesne WhistleTempest (2012)
Early Morning RainSelfportrait (1970)
Early Roman KingsTempest (2012)
Emotionally YoursEmpire Burlesque (1985)
Every Grain Of SandShot Of Love (1981)
Everything Is BrokenВсё вокруг разрушено+ худ. переводOh Mercy (1989)
Father Of NightОтец Ночи+ худ. переводNew Morning (1970)
Fixin' To Die BluesBob Dylan (1962)
FloaterLove And Theft (2001)
Forever YoungPlanet Waves (1974)
Forgetful HeartTogether Through Life (2009)
Frankie & AlbertGood As I Been To You (1992)
Freight Train BluesBob Dylan (1962)
Froggie Went A Courtin'Good As I Been To You (1992)
From A Buick 6Highway 61 Revisited (1965)
Full Moon And Empty ArmsShadows In The Night (2015)
Gates Of EdenBringing All Back Home (1965)
Girl From The North CountryДевушка с Северных Земель+ худ. переводNashville Skyline (1969)
Girl Of The North CountryThe Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (1963)
God KnowsUnder The Red Sky (1990)
Goin' To AcapulcoThe Basement Tapes (1975)
Going, Going, GonePlanet Waves (1974)
Gonna Change My Way Of ThinkingSlow Train Coming (1979)
Gospel PlowBob Dylan (1962)
Got My Mind Made UpKnocked Out Loaded (1986)
Gotta Serve SomebodyСлужить кому-нибудьSlow Train Coming (1979)
Gotta Travel OnSelfportrait (1970)
Had A Dream About You, BabyDown In The Groove (1988)
Handy DandyUnder The Red Sky (1990)
Hard TimesGood As I Been To You (1992)
Hark The Herald Angels SingChristmas In The Heart (2009)
Have Yourself A Merry Little ChristmasChristmas In The Heart (2009)
HazelPlanet Waves (1974)
Heart Of MineShot Of Love (1981)
Here Comes Santa ClausChristmas In The Heart (2009)
Here's That Rainy DayTriplicate (2017)
HighlandsTime Out Of Mind (1997)
Highwater - For Charlie PattonLove And Theft (2001)
Highway 51 BluesBob Dylan (1962)
Highway 61 RevisitedHighway 61 Revisited (1965)
Honest With MeLove And Theft (2001)
Honey Just Allow Me One More ChanceThe Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (1963)
House Of The Risin' SunBob Dylan (1962)
How Deep Is The OceanTriplicate (2017)
HurricaneУраганDesire (1976)
I Am A Lonesome HoboJohn Wesley Harding (1967)
I And IInfidels (1983)
I Believe In YouSlow Train Coming (1979)
I Could Have Told YouTriplicate (2017)
I Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last NightTriplicate (2017)
I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)Another Side Of Bob Dylan (1964)
I Don't Want to Do ItЯ не хочу это делать
I Dreamed I Saw St. AugustineJohn Wesley Harding (1967)
I Feel A Change Comin' OnTogether Through Life (2009)
I Forgot More Than You'll Ever KnowSelfportrait (1970)
I Guess I'll Have To Change My PlansTriplicate (2017)
I Pity The Poor ImmigrantJohn Wesley Harding (1967)
I Shall Be FreeThe Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (1963)
I Shall Be Free No. 10Another Side Of Bob Dylan (1964)
I Threw It All AwayNashville Skyline (1969)
I Want YouЯ хочу тебяBlonde On Blonde (1966)
I'd have you anytimeТы всегда будешь моейпосмотреть клипAll Things Must Pass (1970)
I'll Be Home For ChristmasChristmas In The Heart (2009)
I'll Be Your Baby TonightЯ буду твоей малышкой сегодняJohn Wesley Harding (1967)
I'll Remember YouEmpire Burlesque (1985)
I'm A Fool To Want YouГлупец, чтобы желать тебяShadows In The Night (2015)
Idiot WindBlood On The Tracks (1975)
If Dogs Run FreeNew Morning (1970)
If Not For YouNew Morning (1970)
If Not for YouЕсли бы не тыAll Things Must Pass (1970)
If You Ever Go To HoustonTogether Through Life (2009)
If You See Her Say HelloУвидишься с ней - передай ей приветBlood On The Tracks (1975)
ImaginationTriplicate (2017)
In My Time Of Dyin'Bob Dylan (1962)
In Search Of Little SadieSelfportrait (1970)
In The GardenВ садуSaved (1980)
In The SummertimeShot Of Love (1981)
Is Your Love In Vain?Street Legal (1978)
IsisDesire (1976)
It Ain't Me BabeAnother Side Of Bob Dylan (1964)
It Gets Lonely EarlyTriplicate (2017)
It Had To Be YouFallen Angels (2016)
It Hurts Me TooSelfportrait (1970)
It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to CryНужно много чтобы смеяться, нужен поезд чтобы плакатьHighway 61 Revisited (1965), The Concert for Bangladesh (1971)
It's All GoodTogether Through Life (2009)
It's All Over Now, Baby BlueBringing All Back Home (1965)
It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)Bringing All Back Home (1965)
Jack-A-RoeWorld Gone Wrong (1993)
Jim JonesGood As I Been To You (1992)
JoeyDesire (1976)
John Wesley HardingJohn Wesley Harding (1967)
JokermanВестник ДобраInfidels (1983)
JoleneTogether Through Life (2009)
Just Like a WomanПросто как женщинаBlonde On Blonde (1966), The Concert for Bangladesh (1971)
Just Like Tom Thumb's BluesHighway 61 Revisited (1965)
Knockin' on heaven's doorДостучаться до небес+ худ. переводPat Garrett & Billy the Kid (1973)
Lay Lady LayNashville Skyline (1969)
Lenny BruceShot Of Love (1981)
Leopard-Skin Pill-Box HatBlonde On Blonde (1966)
Let It Be MeSelfportrait (1970)
Let's Stick TogetherDown In The Groove (1988)
License To KillInfidels (1983)
Life Is HardTogether Through Life (2009)
Like A Rolling StoneHighway 61 Revisited (1965)
Lily Of The WestDylan (1973)
Lily, Rosemary And The Jack Of HeartsБаллада о Лильке, Розочке и Вожаке грабителейBlood On The Tracks (1975)
Little Drummer BoyМаленький барабанщикChristmas In The Heart (2009)
Little MaggieGood As I Been To You (1992)
Little SadieSelfportrait (1970)
Living The BluesSelfportrait (1970)
Lo And BeholdThe Basement Tapes (1975)
Lone PilgrimWorld Gone Wrong (1993)
Lonesome Day BluesLove And Theft (2001)
Long And Wasted YearsTempest (2012)
Long-Distance OperatorThe Basement Tapes (1975)
Love HenryWorld Gone Wrong (1993)
Love Minus Zero / No LimitBringing All Back Home (1965)
Love SickTime Out Of Mind (1997)
Maggie's FarmBringing All Back Home (1965)
Make You Feel My LoveTime Out Of Mind (1997)
Man Gave Names to All the AnimalsЧеловек дал всей твари имя+ худ. переводSlow Train Coming (1979)
Man In The Long Black CoatЧеловек в длинном чёрном пальто+ худ. переводOh Mercy (1989)
Man Of Constant SorrowBob Dylan (1962)
Man Of PeaceInfidels (1983)
Mary AnnDylan (1973)
Masters Of WarThe Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (1963)
Maybe SomedayKnocked Out Loaded (1986)
Maybe You'll Be ThereМожет быть, ты будешь тамFallen Angels (2016)
Meet Me In The MorningBlood On The Tracks (1975)
Melancholy MoodFallen Angels (2016)
Million Dollar BashThe Basement Tapes (1975)
Million MilesTime Out Of Mind (1997)
Minstrel BoySelfportrait (1970)
MississippiLove And Theft (2001)
MoonlightLove And Theft (2001)
Most Likely You Go Your Way And I'll Go MineBlonde On Blonde (1966)
Most Of The TimeOh Mercy (1989)
Motorpsycho NightmareAnother Side Of Bob Dylan (1964)
MozambiqueDesire (1976)
Mr. BojanglesDylan (1973)
Mr. Tambourine ManМистер ТамбуринBringing All Back Home (1965), The Concert for Bangladesh (1971)
Murder Most FoulСамое грязное убийствопосмотреть клип
Must Be SantaChristmas In The Heart (2009)
My Back PagesAnother Side Of Bob Dylan (1964)
My One And Only LoveTriplicate (2017)
My Wife's Home TownTogether Through Life (2009)
Narrow WayTempest (2012)
Neighborhood BullyInfidels (1983)
Nettie MooreModern Times (2006)
Never Gonna Be The Same AgainEmpire Burlesque (1985)
Never Say Good ByePlanet Waves (1974)
NeverthelessКак бы то ни былоFallen Angels (2016)
New MorningNew Morning (1970)
New PonyStreet Legal (1978)
Ninety Miles An HourDown In The Groove (1988)
No Time To ThinkНет времени, чтобы подуматьStreet Legal (1978)
North Country BluesThe Times They Are A-Changin' (1964)
Not Dark YetЕщё не темноTime Out Of Mind (1997)
Nothing Was DeliveredThe Basement Tapes (1975)
O Little Town Of BethlehemChristmas In The Heart (2009)
O' Come All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles)Christmas In The Heart (2009)
Obviously Five BelieversBlonde On Blonde (1966)
Odds And EndsThe Basement Tapes (1975)
Oh SisterDesire (1976)
On A Little Street In SingaporeНа маленькой улочке в СингапуреFallen Angels (2016)
On A Night Like ThisPlanet Waves (1974)
On The Road AgainBringing All Back Home (1965)
Once Upon A TimeTriplicate (2017)
One More Cup Of CoffeeЧашка кофе на пути+ худ. переводDesire (1976)
One More NightNashville Skyline (1969)
One More WeekendNew Morning (1970)
One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later)Blonde On Blonde (1966)
One Too Many MorningsThe Times They Are A-Changin' (1964)
Only A Pawn In Their GameThe Times They Are A-Changin' (1964)
Outlaw BluesBringing All Back Home (1965)
Oxford TownThe Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (1963)
P.S. I Love YouTriplicate (2017)
Pay In BloodTempest (2012)
Peggy DayNashville Skyline (1969)
Please Mrs. HenryThe Basement Tapes (1975)
Pledging My TimeBlonde On Blonde (1966)
Po' BoyLove And Theft (2001)
Political WorldOh Mercy (1989)
Polka Dots And MoonbeamsFallen Angels (2016)
Precious AngelДрагоценный ангелSlow Train Coming (1979)
Precious MemoriesKnocked Out Loaded (1986)
Pressing OnSaved (1980)
Pretty Peggy-OBob Dylan (1962)
Property Of JesusShot Of Love (1981)
Queen Jane ApproximatelyВ тот день, когда (эдакая Королева Джейн)Highway 61 Revisited (1965)
Ragged & DirtyWorld Gone Wrong (1993)
Rainy Day Woman # 12 & 35Blonde On Blonde (1966)
Rank Strangers To MeDown In The Groove (1988)
Restless FarewellThe Times They Are A-Changin' (1964)
Ring Them BellsOh Mercy (1989)
Roll On JohnTempest (2012)
Rollin' And Tumblin'Modern Times (2006)
Romance In DurangoDesire (1976)
Sad Eyed Lady Of The LowlandsBlonde On Blonde (1966)
Sally Sue BrownDown In The Groove (1988)
SaraСэраDesire (1976)
Sarah JaneDylan (1973)
SavedСпасённыйSaved (1980)
Saving GraceСпасительная милостьSaved (1980)
Scarlet TownСтарый Город Tempest (2012)
See That My Grave Kept CleanBob Dylan (1962)
Seeing The Real You At LastEmpire Burlesque (1985)
Send My Love (To Your New Lover)25 (2015)
Senor (Tales Of Yankee Power)Street Legal (1978)
Sentimental JourneyTriplicate (2017)
September Of My YearsTriplicate (2017)
Shake Shake MamaTogether Through Life (2009)
She Belongs To MeBringing All Back Home (1965)
She's No GoodBob Dylan (1962)
Shelter From The StormУкрытие от бури+ худ. переводBlood On The Tracks (1975)
ShenandoahDown In The Groove (1988)
Shooting StarOh Mercy (1989)
Shot Of LoveShot Of Love (1981)
Sign On The WindowNew Morning (1970)
Silver BellsChristmas In The Heart (2009)
SilvioDown In The Groove (1988)
Simple Twist Of FateBlood On The Tracks (1975)
Sittin' On Top Of The WorldGood As I Been To You (1992)
SkylarkЖаворонокFallen Angels (2016)
Slow TrainВот идет поезд, медленный поездSlow Train Coming (1979)
Solid RockSaved (1980)
Some Enchanted EveningShadows In The Night (2015)
Someday BabyModern Times (2006)
Something There Is About YouPlanet Waves (1974)
Something's Burning, BabyEmpire Burlesque (1985)
Somewhere Along The WayTriplicate (2017)
Song To WoodyBob Dylan (1962)
Soon After MidnightTempest (2012)
Spanish Harlem IncidentAnother Side Of Bob Dylan (1964)
Spanish Is The Loving TongueDylan (1973)
Spirit On The WaterModern Times (2006)
Stack - A - LeeWorld Gone Wrong (1993)
Standing In The DoorwayTime Out Of Mind (1997)
StardustTriplicate (2017)
Stay With MeShadows In The Night (2015)
Step It Up And GoGood As I Been To You (1992)
Stormy WeatherTriplicate (2017)
Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues AgainТорчу в Мобиле снова с тоской о Мемфисе в головеBlonde On Blonde (1966)
Subterranean Homesick BluesBringing All Back Home (1965)
Sugar BabyLove And Theft (2001)
Summer DaysLove And Theft (2001)
Sweetheart Like YouInfidels (1983)
t's Funny To Everyone But MeTriplicate (2017)
Take A Message To MarySelfportrait (1970)
Take Me As I AmSelfportrait (1970)
Talkin' New YorkBob Dylan (1962)
Talkin' World War lll BluesThe Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (1963)
Tangled Up In BlueBlood On The Tracks (1975)
Tears Of RageThe Basement Tapes (1975)
Tell Me That It Isn't TrueNashville Skyline (1969)
TempestБуряTempest (2012)
Temporary Like AchillesBlonde On Blonde (1966)
That Lucky Old SunShadows In The Night (2015)
That Old Black MagicFallen Angels (2016)
That Old FeelingTriplicate (2017)
The Ballad Of Frankie Lee And Judas PriestJohn Wesley Harding (1967)
The Ballad Of Ira HayesDylan (1973)
The Best Is Yet To ComeTriplicate (2017)
The BoxerSelfportrait (1970)
The Christmas BluesChristmas In The Heart (2009)
The Christmas SongChristmas In The Heart (2009)
The First NoelChristmas In The Heart (2009)
The Groom's Still Waiting At The AltarShot Of Love (1981)
The Levee's Gonna BreakModern Times (2006)
The Lonesome Death Of Hattie CarrollThe Times They Are A-Changin' (1964)
The Man In MeМужчина во мнеNew Morning (1970)
The Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo)Selfportrait (1970)
The Night We Called It A DayВ ту ночь, которую мы назвали днёмShadows In The Night (2015)
The Times They Are A-Changin'The Times They Are A-Changin' (1964)
The Wicked MessengerJohn Wesley Harding (1967)
There's A Flaw In My FlueTriplicate (2017)
These Foolish ThingsTriplicate (2017)
They Killed HimKnocked Out Loaded (1986)
This Dream Of YouTogether Through Life (2009)
This Nearly Was MineTriplicate (2017)
This Wheel's On FireThe Basement Tapes (1975)
Three AngelsNew Morning (1970)
Thunder On The MountainModern Times (2006)
Tight Connection To My Heart (Has AnybodEmpire Burlesque (1985)
Time Passes SlowlyNew Morning (1970)
Tin AngelTempest (2012)
Tiny MontgomeryThe Basement Tapes (1975)
To Be Alone With YouNashville Skyline (1969)
To RamonaAnother Side Of Bob Dylan (1964)
Tombstone BluesHighway 61 Revisited (1965)
Tomorrow NightGood As I Been To You (1992)
Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With YouNashville Skyline (1969)
Too Much Of NothingThe Basement Tapes (1975)
Tough MamaPlanet Waves (1974)
Trade WindsTriplicate (2017)
TroubleПроблемыShot Of Love (1981)
True Love Tends To ForgetStreet Legal (1978)
Trust YourselfEmpire Burlesque (1985)
Trying To Get To HeavenПопасть на небесаTime Out Of Mind (1997)
TV Talking SongUnder The Red Sky (1990)
Tweedle Dee And Tweedle DumLove And Theft (2001)
Two By TwoUnder The Red Sky (1990)
Two SoldiersWorld Gone Wrong (1993)
Ugliest Girl In The WorldDown In The Groove (1988)
UnbelievableUnder The Red Sky (1990)
Under The Red SkyUnder The Red Sky (1990)
Under Your SpellKnocked Out Loaded (1986)
Union SundownInfidels (1983)
Visions Of JohannaПриходы ЖанныBlonde On Blonde (1966)
Watered-Down LoveShot Of Love (1981)
We Better Talk This OverStreet Legal (1978)
Wedding SongPlanet Waves (1974)
Went To Se The GypsyNew Morning (1970)
What Can I Do For You?Saved (1980)
What Good Am I?Oh Mercy (1989)
What Was It You WantedТеньOh Mercy (1989)
What'll I DoShadows In The Night (2015)
When Did You Leave HeavenDown In The Groove (1988)
When He ReturnsSlow Train Coming (1979)
When The Deal Goes DownModern Times (2006)
When The Night Comes Falling From The SkEmpire Burlesque (1985)
When The Ship Comes InThe Times They Are A-Changin' (1964)
When The World Was YoungTriplicate (2017)
When You Gonna Wake Up?Когда ты собираешься проснуться?Slow Train Coming (1979)
Where Are You Tonight (Journey Through Dark Heat)Street Legal (1978)
Where Are You?Shadows In The Night (2015)
Where Is The OneTriplicate (2017)
Where Teardrops FallOh Mercy (1989)
Why Try To Change Me NowShadows In The Night (2015)
Why Was I BornTriplicate (2017)
Wiggle WiggleUnder The Red Sky (1990)
Winter WonderlandChristmas In The Heart (2009)
WinterludeNew Morning (1970)
With God On Our SideThe Times They Are A-Changin' (1964)
Workingman's Blues #2Modern Times (2006)
World Gone WrongWorld Gone Wrong (1993)
Yea! Heavy And A Bottle Of BreadThe Basement Tapes (1975)
You Ain't Goin' NowhereThe Basement Tapes (1975)
You Angel YouPlanet Waves (1974)
You Go To My HeadTriplicate (2017)
You're A Big Girl NowBlood On The Tracks (1975)
You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You GoBlood On The Tracks (1975)
You're Gonna Quit MeGood As I Been To You (1992)
Young at HeartМолодой сердцемFallen Angels (2016)
Your Wanna RambleKnocked Out Loaded (1986)
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