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Patricia Vonne - Texas Burning

Patricia Vonne — Texas Burning

с альбома: Guitars And Castanets (2005)

Texas Burning

Texas burning see the heat rising
The fields have withered and the wells run dry
Now my heart is yearning where the home fires burning bright
I'm going home, I'm going home I know
Ageless mother paint me a picture
With shades of sorrow and golden pride
Love will never leave you lonely like a lost child crawling in the night
Who's gonna hold you who's gonna hold you now
Well I don't want wait here any longer
I just want to lay on warm familiar ground
Texas burning until tomorrow it's where they'll lay me down
Texas burning with it's red eyes shining how I miss that comfort
As every day goes by now my heart is yearning where the home fires
Burning in the night I'm going home yeah, I'm going home I know

* "I wrote this song in my NY apt when I was feeling homesick for my family back home in Texas."

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