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Patricia Vonne - Sax Maniac

Patricia Vonne — Sax Maniac

с альбома: Guitars And Castanets (2005)

Sax Maniac

He's a sax maniac with a devils eye
Hair slicked ba ck and head cocked high
He can rattle and play any club in town
& revel and level it to the ground
Running down the streets in a a Hitchcock haze
running for cover thru the alley ways
The junkyeard dogs are howling tonight
rippin' and rockin' round the factory lights
oh bee bop baby gonna blow your top hey oh hey o
gonna rip it rock it rattle & hide
bee bop baby gonna blow your top better keep running
down at the diner where the records spins
feel the third degree w/ a 5th of gin
the hotrod cars are revving up tonight
big rockin' daddy's gonna start a fight
gotta meet Jimmy at the 5 & dime
with a soda pop grin and a rhubarb pie
cool cat cryin' on the microphone
to the sound of a dirty saxaphone

* The first live show I ever saw in my hometown of San Antonio was Johnny Reno and the Sax Maniacs. I was too young to get into the club so I did what any determined fan would do. I took my dad along with me!

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