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Patricia Vonne - Joe’s Gone Ridin’

Patricia Vonne — Joe’s Gone Ridin’

с альбома: Guitars And Castanets (2005)

Joe’s Gone Ridin’

Joe's gone ridin, ridin on the rail
Joe's gone ridin, he'll be on your trail
Don't try to fight him , you're only gonna fail
Joe's gone ridin ,ridin' on the rail
From the cotton fields of Tx, down to the Rio Grande
He's a gypsy cowboy who always takes a stand
he hustled pool, hopped the train, headed down to San Antone
a restless heart, he lives life down to the bone
5 card gamble at the Boomtown saloon
he always plays to win while howling at the moon
tequila, wine, fists are flyin' and I'm caught in a mess
but I love to play the part of the damsel in distress
When you plead and you cry and they just won't let you by
But if Joe says then Joe says
Tumbleweed, devil dye & they spit between your eyes
But if Joe says then Joe says
There ain't no openin' band for no wine festival
but if Joe says, Joe says
Don't mess with Texas or a green eyed girl.
Don't penalize my case just cuz I defend my world
gotta speak your mind with every breath, fight for what you believe
I just wanna live a life without that human greed

* Inspired by the generous spirit of Joe Ely.

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