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Patricia Vonne - Lonesome Rider

Patricia Vonne — Lonesome Rider

с альбома: Guitars And Castanets (2005)

Lonesome Rider

With blood red boots a shadow stumbled through my door
Throwing matches & flickin' ashes onto my dirt floor
I don't know from where he came I don't care where he's been but
I was lying in my darkness when he saved my skin
I wish that I could let it be instead it's taken over me
And I can't escape it now
Oh Lonesome Rider, Oh Lonesome Rider
Burning down that dusty road of Hwy 59
He's my only lonely outlaw who'd lay it on the line
Well our love was just another faded memory until he came into my garden
Yeah he came and rescued me
I wish that I could just be free instead it's taken over me
And I can't escape it now
There's a strong wind whipping in the distant fire light
One road to freedom I can see the pale moon rise

* Dedicated to the Gotham City Riders of NYC. They were at every show I did in the Big Apple. Each one shared with me their passion for riding Harleys. Their words are woven into this song which is a tribute to them. Thanks boys.

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