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Patricia Vonne - Dutch Cigarette

Patricia Vonne — Dutch Cigarette

с альбома: Firebird (2007)

Dutch Cigarette

Me and my baby on a long train to Oslo
going on our 13th night
we play at Muddy Waters and we go where the wind blows
travel by the dawns early light
well we eat like kings then we play till we're wrecked
we wake up and start over again
with guitars blazing no we ain't dead yet
with 3 hours of sleep and a dutch cigarette

Down the river Seinne Champs Elysee in Paris
tete café ole' bon
my mama told me for every good deed you cherish
you're bound to get a jewel in your crown
well in my life I must have done something right
I couldn't dream up all of this
me and my baby burning red tail lights
with 3 hours of sleep and a dutch cigarette

Lakeside view Bluesiana Velden
playing rock n roll all night
RockHouse in Saltzburg Reeperbahn in Hamburg
sensory overload alright
well we're making new friends from both sides of the world
so you must forgive the state I'm in
cuz it's a fairy tale life that I'm living in
with 3 hours sleep and a dutch cigarette

* A rollicking travelogue of our European tour adventures, burning through road maps, 3 hours sleep, sensory overload… you get the picture.

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