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Patricia Vonne - Will We Ever Be

Patricia Vonne — Will We Ever Be

с альбома: Firebird (2007)

Will We Ever Be

As I traveled the world over
you were just a memory
until I swam in picture postcards
from California to Tennessee
how you won me over
the way you kissed me tenderly
you had no rich man's gold to speak of
but a song you sang to me
I will always love you
even though we're not meant to be
will we ever know the answer
will we ever be

With a thousand miles between us
you know my life's a shade of blue
will you meet me at the alter
where we'll boldly say I do
and if I cannot lay beside you
I'd crawl inside this telephone line
where I'll hibernate forever
till I feel your lips on mine

* For anyone who is brave enough to endure a long distance relationship.

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