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Patricia Vonne - Rebel Bride

Patricia Vonne — Rebel Bride

с альбома: Guitars And Castanets (2005)

Rebel Bride

Slippin on my white lace satin dress string of pearls down my back
Well I'm getting ready my heart's strong and steady
for my one eyed rebel jack
without you my life's a shade of blue and I don't know where I'm at
come on over honey to my land of milk and honey
let's hitch us a ride like Bonnie and Clyde oh yeah!
Rebel Bride Rebel Bride
Come on little honey won't you step inside
Rebel Bride Rebel Bride
I want a piece of heaven my castle of stone
I want to be the queen sitting on my thrown
My love is a rage made of flesh and bone
So let's hit the ground running baby let's tear out of here
Reno won't you play on my wedding day with the mission bells amplified
The walls may shatter but hell it don't matter cuz baby our hands are tied
My love is a flame and babe you know I would forever want you by my side
So I'm getting ready my heart's strong and steady
Let's hitch us a ride while your kissing your bride oh yeah!

* Every bride needs a righteous wedding song!

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