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Patricia Vonne - Long Season

Patricia Vonne — Long Season

с альбома: Guitars And Castanets (2005)

Long Season

It's been a long season it's been a long ride
But you plead treason with all of your lies
You've been selling me dreams that never ring true
Can't afford patience I'm running out of time
True desperation I'm losing my mind
You've been playing these games well I can play too
But you walked out without a sound and let me wander
Alnoe in the crowd
I knew when you said it you wouldn't let me go
But you didn't mean it your heart didn't show
Baby what went wrong let's make it right
My head's all hazy and I'm feeling like a fool
But love's never easy did black turn to blue
Baby what went wrong don't shoot out the lights
Can't avoid the rain storm's coming down don't let me wander
Alone in the crowd

* Relationships… need I say more?

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