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Steven Seagal - Alligator Ass

Steven Seagal — Alligator Ass

с альбома: Mojo Priest (2006)

Alligator Ass

I went down to Mississippi and I tried to beg a ride
I saw Jesus and the devil they was walkin side by side
I said whoa Mr. Devil is that really what I see
He said I was thinking folks might try to judge me by my company

Well my boss gave me the wages
So I went down to the market
Before I bought some bread
Somebody took it from my pocket

Now you see why
I have a suspicious mind
My momma done told me
You gonna have to meet all kinds

I thought the preacher stole my Cadillac
So I looked him in the eye
I asked him for the truth and he told me a lie
Well we settled in the middle now I'm too poor to die
But I seem to keep on movin and i'm too proud to cry

But I keep on moving
But I seem to keep on movin
Well I seem to keep on movin and I'm too proud to cry

I met a little pretty and she told me that she loved me
If I wanted things to go well I should try to meet her family
I bought a diamond ring and I showed it to her mother she told me it was too small
And the daughter had another man
Another man

So you see why
I have a suspicious mind
Only way I know I'm ahead
Is when they tell me I'm behind

Someone took me to a restaurant and I had to eat something fast
I ordered me some chicken
They gave me alligator ass

Now you see why
I have a suspicious mind
I keep on lookin
But I can't seem to find
Someone simply nice and kind

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