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Patricia Vonne - Morning After

Patricia Vonne — Morning After

с альбома: Patricia Vonne (2003)

Morning After

Sunday morning night is dawning
over the mountains through the clouds
I’ve been waiting my heart’s breaking
I was lost but now I’m found
If you lead me to the water
will you save me if I drown
will we see the morning after
will our tears melt the ground
Lord and Savior dressed in velvet
are you my angel whose eyes I trust
I’ve had wishes melt and crumble
and I’ve seen true eyes turn to rust
Run through the fire, run through the trees
would you run through the desert just to be with me
run across the river swept to the sea
or will you try and bury me
night is dawning cold moon rising
phantoms blowing in the wind
Well I’m still standing and I’m still waiting
as I slowly shed my skin

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