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Аудирование песни Adriano Celentano - "Such a cold night tonight"

Such a cold night tonight
Will be a ______ long night
With the memories of all times
She came back to your bed
and for the _____ time
You madly loved her

I looked _____ in your eyes
And I've seen you have _______
You _______ that you lie
In a rising of sun
Your love is a ___?
That ____ it will be done

Thoughts are all about me tonight
And such a _____ is never be so long
I feel I go crazy you know
A lot of foolish _____ words I say
And it'll make no sense
And you will be _____

When so _____ you're sleeping
Steel so close to a ______
That has kept all the scent
Flooding still in the air
I know it's all well
you really really love

Such a night should die
So all the _____ of foolish loves
And the eyes lovin you clear day
We love for it your strong and empty hands
Feel ______ dreams, but dreams, feel double dreams

When you open your eyes you'll see
Nobody else but you're beetween the ______
She will never be back again
And you for sure will never ____ from her
It's hard to take I know it
It's all over now forever
It's ____ to take? I know it
It's all over now forever
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