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Mos Def (Yassin Bey) - Sunshine

Mos Def (Yassin Bey) — Sunshine


[Intro: Mos Def (Sample)]
Intro: Mos Def + (Sample)]
(Let the sun shine)
Yeah yeah its a brand new day y'all (Let the sunshine in)
Turn me up in the top a little bit dog
Little do you know, y'all gonna hear this one (The suns shinin')
Loud and clear, bright and early

[Verse 1: Mos Def]
I don't hate players, I don't love the game
I'm the shot clock, way above the game
To be point blank with you motherfuck the game
I got all this work on me, I ain't come for play
You can show the little shorties how you pump and fake
But dog, Not to def, I'm not impressed
I'm not amused, I'm not confused, I'm not to dude
I'm grown man business, and I am not in school
Put your hand down youngin' this is not for you
On my J.O. with beats by Kan-ye yo
My name on the marquee, your name off the payroll
Style fresh, like I'm still a day old
And it's been like that since the day yo
On more time than a Roley, or Seiko
Step on deck, your neck do what I say so
Get up or get out, get down or lay low

[Chorus 1: Mos Def + (Sample)]
(Let the sun shine)
Standing in the shadow of a fabulous man
Brooklyn nigga I am, Black Dante (Let the sunshine in)
That nigga, that dude
Black People, Lets Move (The suns shinin')
Shout out to my man Talib Kweli, yes
We on top-a top-a, shout-a shout-a
Check it out..

[Verse 2: Mos Def + (Sample)]
Slim nigga that casts a big shadow
Cherokee red to shoot the long arrow
Got more skill, more aim, and more ammo
You can get it all from a big or small barrel
Like, hail Mary, full of grace
Niggaz come in and shoot up the place
And make you pull up your face
The deck, I'm a pull out the ace
From the jungles of the empire state
where it ain't no escape, 247, 718
And thats like every night, every day
From the place that I settle and stay
To the states, I'm collecting my pay
Blast off then I'm back to the K
Hold it down so my family straight
Represent in a family way
Pro ball not for amateur play
Been raw since the amateur stage
Before the press had the cameras raised

[Chorus 2: Mos Def + (Sample)]
(Let the sun shine)
Like a long time man of the way
You understanding me straight (Let the sunshine in)
Yes, yes, no doubt, excellence
Its what it is, what it is
And thats what it is, you see? (The suns shinin')
Ha, Fire..

[Verse 3: Mos Def]
'Cause it is deeper, sweeter, richer, crisper
Stronger reception and sharper picture
Revolve around God, and involve with niggaz
These elements I perform my scripture
And make Mos Def a classic modern figure
Brooklyn it don't matter if you holler or whisper
Your coming through clan, 'cause I'm right here wit'cha
Ain't gotta edit the slang, I got it, I'll get ya
Yo, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers
The lovers, the leavers, the doubters, believers
The stayers, the quitters, the bitches, the niggaz
Rebel guerrillas the ghetto civilians
Y'all 'gon feel it from the first to the millionth
It's extra, ordinary and plain
I walk a thousand paces of light ahead of the game
By the time you get where I'm standing, I'll be gone
Y'all make moves, but y'all just move on

[Outro: Mos Def + (Sample)]
(Let the sun shine)
I move in, and y'all must move on
'Cause I move to strong
And I know what my feet move for (Let the sunshine in)
Made it go without a brand new car
Made it fresh without a brand new song
And give a fuck about what brand you are (The suns shining')
I'm concerned what type of man you are
What your principles and standards are
You understand me y'all
Be good to your family y'all
No matter where your families are
'Cause everybody needs family y'all
Raise a hand, you understand me y'all
Everybody needs family y'all
Be good to your families dog
Understand, no matter where your families are
Everybody needs family dog
Raise a hand, you understand me pa
Thats what it is...thats my man
Family and my family Pencil Pete
My man too, all our loved ones behind the walls
All of those who still in the struggle
Masada Malia, Sundiata, Magic Mel
(Let the sun shine)
Life is real
To all the real soldiers, black people (Let the sunshine in)
We family y'all (The suns shining')
Let it be bright..

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