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Michael Jackson - Ryan White (poem)

Michael Jackson — Ryan White (poem)

Ryan White (poem)

Ryan White, symbol of justice,
child of innocence, messenger of love.
Where are you now, where have you gone?
Ryan White, I miss your sunny days,
we carelessly frolicked in extended plays.
I miss you Ryan White.
I miss your smile, innocent and bright.
I miss your glory, I miss your light.
Ryan White, symbol of contradiction.
Child of irony or child of fiction?
I think of your shattered life,
of your struggle, of your strife.
While ladies dance in the moonlit night,
champage parties on charted cruises,
I see your wasted form, your ghostly sight.
I feel your festering wounds, your battered bruises.
Ryan White, symbol of agony and pain.
Of ignorant fear gone insane,
in a hysterical society.
With free-floating anxiety
and feigned piety.
I miss you Ryan White.
You showed us how to stand and fight.
In the rain you were the cloudburst joy,
the sparkle of hope in every girl and boy.
In the depths of your anguished sorrow,
was the dream of another tomorrow...

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