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Chris Rea — Dance! (Don't Think)

Deltics (1979)

Queen — Dancer

Hot Space (1982)

Ace of Base — Dancer In A Daydream

The Sign (1993)

Vanilla Ice — Dancin'

To The Extreme (1990)

MC Hammer — Dancin' Machine

Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em (1990)

Lenny Kravitz — Dancin' Til Dawn

It Is Time For A Love Revolution (2008)

Led Zeppelin — Dancing Days (Дни Плясок)

Houses Of The Holy (1973)

Chris Rea — Dancing Girls

Tennis (1980)

Frank Sinatra — Dancing In The Dark

Come Dance With Me! (1959)

Michael Jackson — Dancing Machine (Танцующая машина)

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