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ABBA — Take A Chance On Me (Выбери меня)

The Album (1977)

The Temptations — Take A Look Around

Solid Rock (1972)

Bob Dylan — Take A Message To Mary

Selfportrait (1970)

Smokie — Take a Minute

Take A Minute (2010)

The Temptations — Take A Stroll Thru Your Mind

Psychedelic Shack (1970)

Missy Elliott — Take Away

Miss E ...So Addictive (2001)

Jennifer Lopez — Take Care (Полюби)

Love? (2011)

Imany — Take care (Заботься)

The Shape Of A Broken Heart (2011)

Nina Simone — Take Care Of Business

I Put A Spell On You (1965)

Barbra Streisand — Take Care Of This House

Walls (2018)
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