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The Last Open Road

Chris Rea — The Last Open Road

с альбома: Santo Spirito Blues (2011)

The Last Open Road

How fast can I run?
How far can I go?
These are the questions
The young wanna know
I met her in Brooklyn
She was coming from Queens
I said where are you going
She said where have you been
'Cos I'm trapped in here
Set me free
I know your world so
Let me see
Take me down that last open road

I know there's something
Past this place
I see it smile on your jagged ragged face
Something tells me
Something strong
There's a world I've heard of
So before it's gone
I know it's out there
I know it's true
I wanna feel it, I wanna go with you
Before it's over
Before it's gone
An endless highway and a freedom song
Take me down that last open road

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