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Breaking Point

Chris Rea — Breaking Point

с альбома: Road Songs for Lovers (2017)

Breaking Point

No one saw it coming
The breaking point
There'd been heartaches before

But never a breaking point
What made him turn
What made him turn and walk away
Last time we saw him
He had nothing much to say

Now I guess we'll never know
The breaking point

He never said nothing
Cause he had nothing left to say
Never known to quite
Deep down, something snapped and broke away
There'd been heartaches before
We always laughed at the price of love we pay
I wonder
The breaking point

They say when you break down
You are the last to know
No cries for attention
Seems like he just let it go

The breaking point
The breaking point

The heart of a lion
Always known for his smile
If somebody needed
He'd always go the extra mile
The smallest of cracks
And the difference it makes
When you're close to the edge
A sweet small kiss is all that it takes
They saw him walking away
And take one last look
Now all we can do is pray
And wonder what it took

But I guess we'll never know
I guess we'll never know
The breaking point
Ah, the breaking point
Oh, the breaking point
God save us from the breaking point
God save us from the breaking point
Yeah, yeah

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