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Bananarama - Promised Land

Bananarama — Promised Land

с альбома: True Confessions (1986)

Promised Land

Lock me up in a room somewhere
Get me out of the open air
No perception of space or time
And no peace of mind

Shut me out of the wind and rain
Shelter me from the hurt and pain
No temptation to lead me on
Now that youre gone

Wont you come to the rescue
Take me to the promised land
Youve got the power to show me
Love is at hand
With you right here beside me
Dancing barefoot in the sand
Close your eyes and take me
To the promised land

Bolt the windows and close the door
Now theres nothing worth living for
New direction is hard to find
So leave me behind

Dim the lights and hang up the phone
All I want is to be alone
No connection with anyone
I just cant go on


Take me to the promised land
Take me to the promised land
(Take me)
To the promised land
To the promised land
Take me


Wont you come
To the promised land
Wont you come
(To the rescue)
To the promised land
(Come to the rescue)

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