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Bananarama - Hooked on Love

Bananarama — Hooked on Love

с альбома: True Confessions (1986)

Hooked on Love

Hooked on love

I saw a twelve year old, he had a plastic bag
Another young man sucking on butane gas
I saw them reaching for a hand to hold
The next minute they were both stone cold

(chorus 1)
Dont abuse your body
Better use your brain
This generations going insane
Better hooked on love
(Hooked on love)
Thats a better drug
(Hooked on love)

(chorus 1)

I found a young girl lying in a pool of blood
She had the mark of needles and a lack of love
I saw her friends who told her Shes a fool to try
But never dream she was bound to die

(chorus 1)

And when the street sharp man next comes around
You better keep your head, you better stand your ground
No matter what the pressure, never make a deal
He might touch but he never can feel

(chorus 1)

And then I saw you cruising through the wild west end
Cant change the habits of a lifetime debt
Now youre moving closer to the killing floor
Youre half dead but you need to score

(chorus 2)
So dont get your kicks
For too high a price
The next time wont be so nice
Better hooked on love
(Hooked on love)
Thats a better drug
(Hooked on love)

If youre feeling bored without a thing to do
You wanna be somebody then its up to you
I aint trying to tell you how to live your life
You might run but you never can hide

(chorus 1 & 2 ad lib)

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