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Steve Green - Other Side of the Grave

Steve Green — Other Side of the Grave

с альбома: Steve Green

Other Side of the Grave

United with the Lord by faith
Our lives become as one
Baptized into His death
Crucified with the Son
Jesus bought us with His blood
Now we wear His name
Filled with His Spirit
We'll never be the same

We are alive in Christ
Dead to the world
Free from the sin that enslaves
In His death we died
In His life we live again
On the other side of the grave

So when the tempter tries to make us
Live beneath our right
Remember that Jesus has
Already won the fight
And in His resurrection
We were raised renewed and freed
Becoming righteous in His sight
To live victoriously


How could we continue
Being less than we can be
Let's accept His grace with grateful hearts
Then let's all agree


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