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Mariah Carey - When I Saw You

Mariah Carey — When I Saw You

с альбома: Daydream (1995)

When I Saw You

Soft heavenly eyes gazed into me
Transcending space and time
And I was rendered still
There were no words for me to find at all
As I stood there beside myself
I could see you and no one else

When I saw you
When I saw you
I could not breathe, I feel so deep
When I saw you
When I saw you
I'd never be, I'd never be the same

Only once in a lifetime love reshes in
Changing you with the tide
And dawn's ribbon of light
Bursts through the dark
Wakening you inside
And I thought it was all untrue
Until there all at once I knew

With no beginning and
Withouth an end
You are the one for me
It's evident
And your eyes told me so
Your eyes let me know...


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