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Justice (feat. Citizen Cope) (Справедливость)

Ticket to the World (2013)

Just Your Fool
Rolling Stones

Blue & Lonesome (2016)

Just When I Needed You Most

Uncovered (2001)

Just Want To Be With You (Просто хочу быть с тобой)
Chris Rea

Chris Rea (1982)

Just walk away (Просто уйди)
Céline Dion

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Just Walk Away
Céline Dion

The Colour of My Love (1993)

Just To See Her
Andy Williams

I Don't Remember Ever Growing Up (2007)

Just to Keep from Drowning
Joe Cocker

One Night of Sin (1989)

Just to Hold You Once Again
Mariah Carey

Music Box (1993)
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