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Joe Cocker - The Jealous Kind

Joe Cocker — The Jealous Kind

с альбома: Stingray (1976)

The Jealous Kind

Don't be angry if I seem rude
Each time we meet
Someone that you once knew
that you say used to be
so close to you
It's just that I'm so afraid
Someone might steal you away, I'd lose my mind
So please forgive me for the way I act sometimes
I'm the jealous kind
If you only knew where I lived
And didn't mind
[?] can't you see [??]
That I'm losing my mind
I want you all to myself
I don't want you shackin' with nobody else
I can't help it if it's the way I act sometimes
Because I'm the jealous kind
You know I love you girl
Just one more thing now,If you only knew
How much it hurts me just to hear you say
How, when we first met
I can't think that those were the good old days
Why must you hurt me so
I can't stand it no more, I'm tryin'
So please, I can't control these tears in my eyes
Lord I'm the jealous kind
I love you baby
You know you've got me baby
You know I'm the jealous kind

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