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Joe Cocker - Don't Forget Me

Joe Cocker — Don't Forget Me

с альбома: I Can Stand a Little Rain (1974)

Don't Forget Me

The sun is going down across
The great unknown
Lights come on inside the towers made of stone
A muffled drum plays
Out of sight and all alone
Summer is over

The city lies awake
And breathes electric air
The sailor in the bar
Dreams of a love affair
Young girls seem to shimmer
In fluorescent glare
Summer is over

It's a never ending show
Faces come and go
Like a river
You're a rainbow
Wrapped in gray
Shake the dust away
Like a river

But don't forget me
Don't forget me now
Don't forget me
Don't forget me now

The crowd is spilling
From the video arcadeThe owner of the restaurant
Pulls down the shade
The thunder of the trucks
Is like a cannonade
But now it's over


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