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Hang It Over

Jamiroquai — Hang It Over

с альбома: Rock Dust Light Star (2010)

Hang It Over

Uh huh yeah yeah [x4]
Future might be fuzzy but it's bright [x4]
Uh huh yeah yeah [x3]

Here come the sole survivor
A face down mud covered in the rye
Swigging the gin with your pig faced grin
There's a stagger in your stride
Twenty to five and he's still alive
Chedder head rubber with a glassy eyes
He's looking ooh so vacant
Ten green bottles clean
Black jack helps him hit the sack
Then the last drop hits the sink
Mister nasty, mister nice
Straight no chaser don't ask him twice

Every night I get to Hang It Over with you
And I love it baby
Every night I get to drink away all my blues
And it feels so good
We're gonna Hang It Over (Hang It Over)
And it's just too good for you to say goodnight
And when you Hang It Over (Hang It Over)
Future might be fuzzy but it's bright

There'll be no sweet surrender
So try this one for size
Bling bling thrills it's a strange business
Popping up a downtown die
Music ignites a rotten F cigar
The band don't play until he hits the bar
That liquid tranquilizer
Has gone straight to his head
Drip drip drip and he's on the rocks
With the sidewalk for a back
Had big ideas on big eyed checks
But the profit ain't loaded till you hear the click


Future might be fuzzy but it's bright [x4]
Uh huh yeah yeah [x2]


Olha a trip dos crazy

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