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Алмикс (Саша Исаев) - A life within hiphop 2 (дополненная)

Алмикс (Саша Исаев) — A life within hiphop 2 (дополненная)

с альбома: Помыслы сердца (2010)

A life within hiphop 2 (дополненная)

Look at each other and look in your eyes
How do you feel as for me I feel nice
Absolute happy when I am with you
I’ll never forget and change you for the new
Your lives are your lives and my life is my life
I wanna be free as 1 2 3 4 5
A numerable lessons hip-hop gave for me
But all of them mean – I just wanna be free
I started rappin when I listened
Massa Ритм-У Лигалайз and Bad B
But I still dancing with my crew FreezBi
And whatever happen with me always hip-hop
It makes me feel good and I break it up
I chose this way at the age of 16
At that time I practiced and hadn’t a team
Step by step from old to the new
So hip-hop moved my point of view
To the freestyle in whatever I do
It is like a river which I’m going to.

My life with this culture, where knowledge was first
But what we’ll achieve, nobody knows
We make things we can and hope for the best
Short life is the big, very big, big contest
Bboy is an artist, Dj sets a mood,
Mс adds the voice, that’s important too
Sparks from the fire like flash from the dance
Big boiling saucepan, everyone has a chance
Move to the beat, shine as thу sun
To the world of hip-hop, man, you are welcome
Kick jealous to dump and open your heart
Climb out and jump or lay down and die
Feel the music and rhyme, don’t waste your time
I have one life and love only one
And my “never” will “never” forever, said I

Break just a dance? RAP just a word
But together they save all crazy world
When people feel illness, they’re empty inside
Hip-hop fulfils dreams and show what is Love…

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