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Alexia - You Need Love

Alexia — You Need Love

с альбома: Gli Occhi Granda Della Luna (2004)

You Need Love

Though sometimes it seems
Everything is wrong,
If you face the wind,
You will hear it's song,
It's all around you now,
Been there all along
All you need is love,
All you need is love,
Love is all you need
When you lose your way
Waiting for a sign,
And you feel your fears
Chase away your pride,
Hold on till morning,
And you will survive,
I know
You need love,
I know it's a long road
You need love
When you got no strength to climb,
You know love's not far behind
Love is all you need
When this life has got you down,
You can turn it all around,
If you just believe,
So hold on,
If you sacrifice your doubts,
Then your soul is gonna shout,
And set you free
So don't give in,
You will carry on,
Keep your head up high,
With your courage strong,
This fire can never die,
Now all your fears are gone,
Cuz you got love
You need love
When the storms come through,
Then it's time for me and you,
Together we'll surrender and give all,
Break through any wall
You need
You need
You need love....

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