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Aaron Hall - Why You Tryin To Play Me

Aaron Hall — Why You Tryin To Play Me

Why You Tryin To Play Me

[Aaron Hall]
When I had
You had
Where I Was
Thats where you were
By my side
Thats where you stood
Can you feel me?
And den you wanna go out there and play me [check it out]
Are you crazy
yo biggie holla

[Notorious B.I.G.]
Now Biggie Smalls is not the type to fall in love wit em
Hit em, and forget em nigga, and handle my business
When Im wit you, all you wanna do is lay around
and stay around, and get mad when I play around
Tuesday I saw you in the Z, but you still wanna get with me
Wednesday is the Benz day, thats what your friends say
So ya guess Im slippin, cuz I aint flippin
Baby, Im Big Poppa aint dont need to be trippin

[Aaron Hall] [Background singing]
You know that I care baby
Why you keep on stressin me
Im walkin out the door baby
Is this how you want it to be
When you used to call

[I came on it to you]
When you were with me
[I gave it all to you]

Can nobody do it like me
[Fulfill your wildness]
Why ya tryin to play
[So why ya tryin to play me]

When the tables turn youll see
I know how its gonna be
Your gonna beg to see me
Wondering how it used to be
When you used to call


[Notorious B.I.G.]
All I do all day is drink Tanqueray
Thinkin of a way to put a smile on your face
It seems like its a waste of time, its why I wrote the rhyme
I hear your jumpin in every car, except for mine
So I wine and dine you and rings on your fingers
And sex from another man in the bedroom lingers
You betta slow your roll baby
You aint got enuff dough to pay me
You know the plan number page me when you real baby


You should relize
[Before its too late]
If you love me right
Ill still be here
[Im here for you]
[Make no mistake]
Ive had it before
So Girl
Why you tryin to play me

[Chorus x2]

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