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Love Life

Aaron Benward — Love Life

Love Life

i couldnt dream up
a day any better than yesterday
i wouldnt dream of
living my life another way
the love that is holding me
wont disappear with the setting sun
so when i lay down at night
i whisper your name and i
thank you for all that youve done
i love life
the wild and the calm
im alive
and my heart is strong
cause your love is living inside me now
theres hope here and i know its true
i love life
because i love you
its easy to see
how good youve been from this point of view
i do believe
in spite of the times my minf doubted you
its you that is holding me
letting me let go
my world in your arms
when i lay down at night
ill whisper your name and ill
thank you for all that you are
80 years or so is all weve got you know
but when its done, lifes just begun

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