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(Род. 20 февраля 1988)
30 лет

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Название песниПеревод названияАльбом
A Girl Like MeA Girl Like Me (2006)
A Million Miles AwayA Girl Like Me (2006)
Birthday CakeTalk That Talk (2011)
Break It OffA Girl Like Me (2006)
Breakin' DishesGood Girl Gone Bad (2007)
California King BedLoud (2010)
Cheers (Drink To That)Loud (2010)
Close To YouAnti (2016)
Cockiness (Love It)Talk That Talk (2011)
Cold Case LoveRated R (2009)
ComplicatedLoud (2010)
ConsiderationAnti (2016)
Coulda Been The OneA Girl Like Me (2006)
Crazy Little Thing Called LoveA Girl Like Me (2006)
CryGood Girl Gone Bad (2007)
Dem HatersA Girl Like Me (2006)
DesperadoAnti (2016)
DiamondsБриллиантыUnapologetic (2012)
DisturbiaGood Girl Gone Bad (2007)
Do Ya ThangTalk That Talk (2011)
Don't Stop The MusicGood Girl Gone Bad (2007)
Drunk On LoveTalk That Talk (2011)
FadingLoud (2010)
FarewellTalk That Talk (2011)
Final GoodbyeA Girl Like Me (2006)
Fire BombRated R (2009)
Fool In LoveTalk That Talk (2011)
G4LRated R (2009)
Get It Over WithUnapologetic (2012)
Good Girl Gone BadGood Girl Gone Bad (2007)
Good Night GothamAnti (2016)
Half Of MeUnapologetic (2012)
HardRated R (2009)
Hate That I Love YouGood Girl Gone Bad (2007)
HauntedGood Girl Gone Bad (2007)
Here I Go AgainMusic Of The Sun (2005)
HigherAnti (2016)
Hole In My HeadRated R (2009)
HypnotizedA Girl Like Me (2006)
If I Never See Your Face AgainGood Girl Gone Bad (2007)
If It's Lovin' That You WantMusic Of The Sun (2005)
If It's Lovin' That You Want Pt. 2A Girl Like Me (2006)
James JointAnti (2016)
JumpUnapologetic (2012)
Kiss It BetterAnti (2016)
Kisses Don't LieA Girl Like Me (2006)
Lemme Get ThatGood Girl Gone Bad (2007)
Let meMusic Of The Sun (2005)
Lost In ParadiseUnapologetic (2012)
Love On The BrainAnti (2016)
Love The Way You Lie Part IILoud (2010)
Love Without Tragedy / Mother MaryUnapologetic (2012)
Loveeeeeee SongUnapologetic (2012)
Mad HouseRated R (2009)
Man DownLoud (2010)
Music Of The SunMusic Of The Sun (2005)
Needed MeAnti (2016)
Never EndingAnti (2016)
No Love AllowedUnapologetic (2012)
Nobody's BusinessUnapologetic (2012)
Now I KnowMusic Of The Sun (2005)
NumbUnapologetic (2012)
Only Girl (In The World)Loud (2010)
P.S. (I'm Still Not Over You)A Girl Like Me (2006)
PhotographsRated R (2009)
Phresh Out The RunwayUnapologetic (2012)
Pon De ReplayMusic Of The Sun (2005)
PoseAnti (2016)
Pour It UpUnapologetic (2012)
Push Up On MeGood Girl Gone Bad (2007)
Question ExistingGood Girl Gone Bad (2007)
Raining MenLoud (2010)
Red LipstickTalk That Talk (2011)
RehabGood Girl Gone Bad (2007)
Right NowUnapologetic (2012)
Roc Me OutTalk That Talk (2011)
Rockstar 101Rated R (2009)
Rude BoyRated R (2009)
RushMusic Of The Sun (2005)
Russian RouletteRated R (2009)
S&MLoud (2010)
S.O.S. (Rescue Me)A Girl Like Me (2006)
Same Ol' MistakesAnti (2016)
Say ItGood Girl Gone Bad (2007)
Selfish GirlA Girl Like Me (2006)
Sell Me CandyGood Girl Gone Bad (2007)
Sex With MeAnti (2016)
Should I?A Girl Like Me (2006)
Shut Up And DriveGood Girl Gone Bad (2007)
SkinLoud (2010)
StayUnapologetic (2012)
Stupid In LoveRated R (2009)
Take A BowGood Girl Gone Bad (2007)
Talk That TalkTalk That Talk (2011)
Te amoRated R (2009)
That La, La, LaMusic Of The Sun (2005)
The Last SongRated R (2009)
The Last TimeMusic Of The Sun (2005)
There's A Thug In My LifeMusic Of The Sun (2005)
UmbrellaGood Girl Gone Bad (2007)
UnfaithfulA Girl Like Me (2006)
Wait Your TurnRated R (2009)
Watch N' LearnTalk That Talk (2011)
We All Want LoveTalk That Talk (2011)
We Found LoveTalk That Talk (2011)
We RideA Girl Like Me (2006)
What NowUnapologetic (2012)
What's My Name?Loud (2010)
Where Have You BeenTalk That Talk (2011)
Who Ya Gonna Run To?A Girl Like Me (2006)
Willing To WaitMusic Of The Sun (2005)
WooAnti (2016)
WorkAnti (2016)
Yeah, I Said ItAnti (2016)
You Da OneTalk That Talk (2011)
You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)Music Of The Sun (2005)
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