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Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth

<b>Alan Shacklock</b> (lead guitar) forms <b>The Juniors</b>
(UK) with:
<b>Mick Taylor</b> (rhythm guitar) and later of <b>John

Mayalls Bluesbreakers</b> and <b>The Rolling Stones</b>,
the late <b>John Glascock</b> (Bass) later of<b> The
Gods</b>, <b>Chicken Shack</b>, <b>Carmen</b> and <b>Jethro

Tull</b>. <b>Brian Glascock</b> (drummer), John's elder
brother, later of <b>The Gods</b> and<b> The Motels
with Martha Davis</b>.

<b>The Juniors</b> record one single for EMI'S Parlaphone
label, Perform @ NME Jazz Poll winners concert 1964
Wembley. UK with<b> Manfred Mann</b> hosted by Sir Jimmy

Saville and appear on BBC TV 'Teenbeat' with  <b>Hermans

<b>Shacklock</b> supercedes <b>Albert Lee</b> as guitarist

to <b>Chris Farlowe and</b> <b>The Thunderbirds</b>
with keyboardist <b>  Peter Robinson</b> later
of <b>Quatermass</b> and <b>Phil</b> <b>Collins</b>,

<b>Brand -X</b> and drummer  <b>Carl Palmer</b>
later of <b>ELP</b> (replaced by <b>John Bonham</b>
later of <b>Led Zeppelin</b>) .

<b>Farlowe</b> records single ' Paint it Black ' (Immediate
Records) produced by <b>Mick Jagger</b> & <b>Keith

<b>Shacklock</b> graduates from London's Royal Academy
of Music and forms the band named, <b>'Shacklock'</b> 

<b>David Hewit</b> (Bass) formerly <b>Creed</b> &
<b>Dr K's Blues Band</b>, later of <b>Georgia Satelites</b>,
<b>Jenny Haan's Lion</b>. Played with <b>Humble Pie</b>

before the demise of the great late <b>Steve Marriott</b>,
<b>Whitford St. Holmes</b>, (<b>Brad Whitford</b> of
<b>Aerosmith</b> & <b>Derek St Holmes</b> of <b>Ted


<b>Dave Punshon</b> on Piano (Jazz pianist , Composer
Flute and Harp Concerto, Chamber and Orchestral pieces,Computer
<b>Dick Powell</b>I (drums). <b>Roger Dean</b> (Artist

for <b>Yes</b> etc) introduces <b>Shacklock</b> to <b>Nick
Mobbs</b> VP of A&R to EMI Harvest label who catches
<b>'Shacklock'</b> ( the band) performing @ London's

Marquee Club and signs the band to the EMI Harvest record

<b>Shacklock</b> (the band) then recruits <b>Janita
Haan</b> (vocalist). <b>Haan</b> appears on <b>Be Bop

Deluxe , Strider, Waterboys ' Pogues, Jenny Haan's Lion</b>
known for their BASF recording of ' Forgotten Dreams'
( written by Haan awarded 'commercial of the year '
), <b>Fuoco</b> with engineer/producer <b>Paul Cobbold</b>

(<b>Clash, Waterboys, Clanaad</b>) <b>Jellybean Benitez</b>
version of the 'Mexican' (reached #1 on Billboard dance
chart), producing with <b>Paul Cobbold</b> ' Matty Groves'
for the Laurie Engel Fund for Teenage Cancer.

<b>Shacklock</b> are renamed <b>'Babe Ruth'</b> after
the US Baseball Legend. <b>Rupert Perry</b> (Chairman)

EMI/CAPITOL Records signs BR for the USA. <b>First Base</b>
- BR'S First album. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios by
<b>Tony Clark</b> (<b>The Beatles, Sir Paul McCartney,Sky,
Sir Cliff Richard, Cockney Rebel</b>) produced by Shacklock

and Mobbs. <b>Roger Dean</b> commissioned for sleeve

BR join the <b>Harvestmobile</b> UK tour, with <b>Spontaneous

Combustion, Elo, Roy Wood's Wizzard, Kevin Ayres, Roy
Harper & The Edgar Broughton Band</b>.
<b>Ed Spevock</b> (drums & Percussion) joins<b>

BR</b> replacing <b>Powell</b>. <b>Spevock</b> formerly
of 'AMBOY DUKES' (UK) 'FLARE' with Max Middleton, Clive
Chaman) <b>'Salt & Pepper'</b> (with Junior Hansen

of Bob Marley and the Wailers) <b>'Piblokto</b> (with
Pete Brown of Cream fame) <b>'Bond & Brown'</b>
(with Graham Bond and Pete Brown). Later writer of <b>'Elusive'</b>

New York club Hit for <b>Babe Ruth.</b>

BR appear on BBC2's 'Old Grey Whistle Test' with '
whispering ' Bob Harris
BR Shacklock, Haan, Punshon, Hewitt and Spevock survive
a near fatal car crash on UK's ' M1 ' Motorway coming

home from a Liverpool Uni gig.
<b>Chris Holmes</b> (keyboards) formerly of '<b>Time
Box'</b> (formed in 1966, Southport, Lancashire, split
in 1969: Mike Patto vocals, John Halsey drums, Clive

Griffiths bass, Ollie Halsall guitar) replaces Punshon.
<b>Amar Caballero</b> Harvest EMI records Babe Ruth'S
second album recorded @ Abbey Road Studios by Clark,
produced by Shacklock.

First USA Tour Landed in Toronto. Passed through Niagara

Falls and down onto Buffalo. First date Milwaukee. Alan
electrocuted on stage but thankfully okay. Texas, Dallas,
Houston and San Antonio opening for <b>3 Dog Night</b>.
BR explore 'The Alamo'.
LA Whiskey a go go opening for <b>Iggy Pop</b>. Hotel

on the Sunset Strip with Bands Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck.
BR open for <b>The Who</b> at London's 'Sundown' Edmonton

<b>First Base</b> is certified 'Gold' in Canada.

BR appear again on BBC2's Old Grey Whistle Test with
'whispering' Bob Harris
BR are banned from the BBC by producer Bernie Andrews
whilst recording the John Peel Show.
<b>Summer Festivals USA</b>
Sedalia with <b>Aerosmith</b>, <b>Elvin Bishop</b>,

<b>Tower of Power</b>, <b>Ted Nugent</b>

Oklahoma with <b>Beach Boys, Leon Russell</b>,
Milwaukee double headlined with <b>ZZ Top</b>
Headlining @ Place DE nation Montreal Canada, Quebec

Hilton, Ottawa Civic Center.
BR also toured in Europe with <b>Uriah Heep</b> in Finland,
Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

Returned to England and 'In Concert' with <b>Queen</b>

<b>Steve Gurl</b> supersedes <b>Chris Holmes</b> on
BR the bands 3rd album recorded @ Lansdowne Studios
London. Recorded by Ashley Howe, produced by Steve Rowlands


BR's ban liftted from BBC
<b>Winter USA Tour</b>
Flew to Canada to receive <b>Gold Leaf Award</b> for

outstanding sales of<b> First Base</b>
Full lengrth video is shot 'Garden of the Stars' in
honour of Babe Ruth. in concert with <b>Humble Pie</b>,
<b>Roxy Music</b>, <b>Robin Trower</b>, the West coast

leg <b>Peter Frampton</b> (Frampton Comes Alive) tour.
<b>Steve Miller Band</b> in Detroit, <b>Roy Buchanan</b>
in Portland Oregon, <b>Humble Pie</b> open for BR in

Dayton Ohio