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Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams


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(Everything I Do) I Do It For YouВсе, что я делаю, я делаю для тебяWaking Up The Neighbours (1991)
(I Wanna Be) Your Underwear18 Til I Die (1996)
18 Til I Die18 Til I Die (1996)
Ain't Gonna CryReckless (1984)
All For LoveВсё ради любви+ худ. перевод
All I Want Is YouWaking Up The Neighbours (1991)
Another DayInto The Fire (1987)
Before The Night Is OverOn A Day Like Today (1998)
Black Pearl18 Til I Die (1996)
Blessing In DisguiseRoom Service (2004)
Broken Wings11 (2008)
Brothers Under The SunSpirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron (2002)
C'mon C'mon C'monOn A Day Like Today (1998)
Can't Stop This Thing We StartedWaking Up The Neighbours (1991)
Cloud Number NineОблако номер девятьOn A Day Like Today (1998)
Coming HomeYou Want It, You Got It (1981)
Cuts Like A KnifeCuts Like A Knife (1983)
Depend On MeWaking Up The Neighbours (1991)
Do I Have To Say The WordsWaking Up The Neighbours (1991)
Do To You18 Til I Die (1996)
Don't Drop That Bomb On MeWaking Up The Neighbours (1991)
Don't Leave Me LonelyCuts Like A Knife (1983)
Don't Let GoSpirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron (2002)
Don't Look NowYou Want It, You Got It (1981)
Don't Ya Say ItBryan Adams (1980)
East Side StoryRoom Service (2004)
FearlessOn A Day Like Today (1998)
Fits Ya GoodYou Want It, You Got It (1981)
Flower Grown Wild11 (2008)
FlyingRoom Service (2004)
Get Off My BackSpirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron (2002)
GetawayOn A Day Like Today (1998)
Give Me Your LoveBryan Adams (1980)
Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman18 Til I Die (1996)
Hearts On FireInto The Fire (1987)
Heat Of The NightInto The Fire (1987)
HeavenReckless (1984)
Here I Am (End Title)Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron (2002)
Hey Honey - I'm Packin' You In!Waking Up The Neighbours (1991)
Hidin' From LoveBryan Adams (1980)
Home AgainСнова домаInto The Fire (1987)
House ArrestWaking Up The Neighbours (1991)
How Do Ya Feel TonightOn A Day Like Today (1998)
I Ain't Losing The Fight11 (2008)
I Don't Wanna Live ForeverOn A Day Like Today (1998)
I Think About You18 Til I Die (1996)
I Thought I'd Seen Everything11 (2008)
I Was Only Dreamin'Room Service (2004)
I Will Always ReturnSpirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron (2002)
I Will Always Return (Finale)Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron (2002)
I'll Always Be Right There18 Til I Die (1996)
I'm A LiarOn A Day Like Today (1998)
I'm ReadyCuts Like A Knife (1983)
If I Had YouOn A Day Like Today (1998)
If You Wanna Leave MeWaking Up The Neighbours (1991)
Inside OutOn A Day Like Today (1998)
Into The FireВ огоньInto The Fire (1987)
Is Your Mama Gonna Miss Ya?Waking Up The Neighbours (1991)
It Ain't A Party - If You Can't Come 'Round18 Til I Die (1996)
It's Only LoveReckless (1984)
JealousyYou Want It, You Got It (1981)
Kids Wanna RockReckless (1984)
Last ChanceYou Want It, You Got It (1981)
Let Him KnowCuts Like A Knife (1983)
Let's Make A Night To Remember18 Til I Die (1996)
Lie To MeOn A Day Like Today (1998)
Lonely NightsYou Want It, You Got It (1981)
Long GoneReckless (1984)
Mysterious Ways11 (2008)
Native SonInto The Fire (1987)
No One Makes It RightYou Want It, You Got It (1981)
Not GuiltyWaking Up The Neighbours (1991)
Not Romeo Not JulietRoom Service (2004)
Nothing I've Ever KnownSpirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron (2002)
Nowhere FastRoom Service (2004)
On A Day Like TodayOn A Day Like Today (1998)
One Good ReasonYou Want It, You Got It (1981)
One Night Love AffairReckless (1984)
Only The Strong SurviveInto The Fire (1987)
Open RoadRoom Service (2004)
Oxygen11 (2008)
Please Forgive MeПожалуйста, прости меня
RebelInto The Fire (1987)
RememberBryan Adams (1980)
Remembrance DayInto The Fire (1987)
Right Back Where I Started FromRoom Service (2004)
Room ServiceRoom Service (2004)
Run To YouReckless (1984)
She's A Little Too Good For MeRoom Service (2004)
She's Got A Way11 (2008)
She's Only Happy When She's Dancin'Reckless (1984)
SomebodyReckless (1984)
Something To Believe In11 (2008)
Sound The BugleSpirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron (2002)
Star18 Til I Die (1996)
State Of MindBryan Adams (1980)
Straight From The HeartCuts Like A Knife (1983)
Summer Of '69Reckless (1984)
Take Me BackCuts Like A Knife (1983)
The Best Was Yet To ComeCuts Like A Knife (1983)
The Only OneCuts Like A Knife (1983)
The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You18 Til I Die (1996)
There Will Never Be Another TonightWaking Up The Neighbours (1991)
This Is Where I BelongSpirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron (2002)
This Side Of ParadiseRoom Service (2004)
This TimeCuts Like A Knife (1983)
Thought I'd Died And Gone To HeavenWaking Up The Neighbours (1991)
TonightYou Want It, You Got It (1981)
Tonight We Have The Stars11 (2008)
Touch The HandWaking Up The Neighbours (1991)
Try To See It My WayBryan Adams (1980)
VanishingWaking Up The Neighbours (1991)
Victim Of LoveInto The Fire (1987)
Wait And SeeBryan Adams (1980)
Walk On By11 (2008)
Wastin' TimeBryan Adams (1980)
We Found What We Were Looking For11 (2008)
We're Gonna Win18 Til I Die (1996)
What's It Gonna BeCuts Like A Knife (1983)
When You're GoneOn A Day Like Today (1998)
Where Angels Fear To TreadOn A Day Like Today (1998)
Wherever you go
Why Do You Have To Be So Hard To LoveRoom Service (2004)
Win Some, Lose SomeBryan Adams (1980)
You Can't Take MeSpirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron (2002)
You Want It, You Got ItYou Want It, You Got It (1981)
You're Still Beautiful To Me18 Til I Die (1996)
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