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Tracy Chapman — I Am Yours

Let It Rain (2002)

Bob Dylan — I And I

Infidels (1983)

Mocedades — I ask the Lord

Mocedades 4 (1973)

Edurne — I believe

Adrenalina (2015)

Christina Perri — I Believe (Я верю)

Head Or Heart (2014)

Jackson Sisters — I believe in miracles (Я верю в чудеса)

Bob Dylan — I Believe In You

Slow Train Coming (1979)

Celine Dion — I Believe In You (duet with IL DIVO)

On ne change pas (2005)

Whitney Houston — I Believe In You And Me

The Preacher's Wife (1996)

Donny Hathaway — I Believe to My Soul (Я верю моей душе)

Everything Is Everything (1970)
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